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Please keep in mind that HtmlDomain collects information from open source. We are not a registrar or a hosting company.

HtmlDomain is not responsible or liable for the accuracy of other websites and cannot control the content of third-party websites. You need to contact the owners of the websites, not HtmlDomain.

If you want to remove your site via contact from will take several days to success. You need to send from inquiry about your website, please use an email address that is associated with your website domain name. ie: Please do not use one of the free email accounts. ie: yahoo or gmail.

Terms Of Service

The information contained in databases may not be used, copied, distributed, sublicensed, modified, rented, altered, reverse engineered or recompiled in any way without written permission from the owner.

Personal Use

The HtmlDomain website is for personal use only, and may not be exploited for commercial activities of any sort.

Use of Services and Conduct

Your use of the HtmlDomain online service is subject to all applicable laws and regulations, and you are solely responsible for your adherence to these.

Disclaimer of liability

All HtmlDomain data is provided on an 'as is' and 'as and when available' basis. We offer no guarantees of any kind.

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